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Fruit Growers Supply Company Sustainable Forestry Policy
  • For the past 100 years, Fruit Growers Supply Company has managed its forests for the sustainable production of wood and wood products while also ensuring abundant and healthy forests for future generations. We are committed to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) 2015-2019 Standard. Our commitment to this program is company wide from the foresters and loggers operating in the field to the corporate officers.
  • Our commitment to this program is all inclusive and integrates the management, harvesting and reforestation of our timberlands with responsible conservation of soil, air, water, wildlife, and aesthetic quality.
  • We harvest at sustainable rates over the long term.
  • We reforest promptly after harvesting usually immediately but always within 2 years of harvest.
  • We employ state of the art silvicultural practices and best management practices to insure the maximum sustained production of our forest resource while at the same time protecting the environment.
  • We protect soil productivity and stability by using equipment and best management practices to minimize disturbance and erosion.
  • We protect our forestlands' unique biological, geological and historical qualities and sites.
  • We protect water quality through erosion prevention and riparian protection zones.
  • We provide a diversity of habitats for wildlife and contribute to the conservation of biological diversity across the landscapes where our ownership occurs.
  • We maintain healthy forests and minimize losses caused by fire, insects and disease.
  • We protect threatened and endangered species and work with government agencies to aid in their conservation.
  • We consider aesthetic values in our management and harvest activities and adopt practices accordingly.